Untold Stories

Babe Ruth’s Last Visit to Hot Springs

Babe’s Last Visit to Hot Springs This never-before-seen photo, shot circa 1941, is believed to be the only photograph of baseball legend Babe Ruth in Hot Springs in the 1940s. Posted online by an anonymous Midwestern blogger in her “Me, Take Three” blog, it shows the writer’s father, Robert Harrison Jr.,  at age 3 with […]

Dizzy & Daffy Dean

As native Arkansans, Dizzy and Daffy Dean are, of course, well-remembered by most folks in the Diamond State. That is no surprise. Yet, even three-quarters of a century after the brothers retired, they retain their legendary stature in the minds of most baseball fans around the entire country. That is saying a lot! Jay Hanna […]

Home Run Slugger Tunes Up With Bath…

The following article appeared in the February 19, 1923 edition of the Richmond Times and was written by legendary writer and newspaper reporter Damon Runyon. Runyon is best known for his short stories celebrating the world of Broadway in New York City that grew out of the Prohibition era. However he was also an accomplished […]

Roy Campanella, Dodger Hall of Famer

The following story is excerpted from the autobiography It’s Good to be Alive by Roy Campanella. Campanella (Campy), who is considered one of the greatest catchers in the history of the game, played for the Brooklyn Dodgers until his playing career ended in 1958 when he was paralyzed by an automobile accident. He was inducted […]