Untold Stories

HOT SPRINGS: Where Pitchers Became Legends

In a time when Major League Baseball has acknowledged an epidemic of “sore arms”, it seems appropriate to ask why this is happening. We’ll have to wait for the science to catch up with the question, but, in the interim, let’s look back at what has worked in the past. Specifically, we should consider the […]

Babe Ruth and Baseball’s First 500 Foot Home Run

When the city of Hot Springs honors the one-hundredth anniversary of baseball’s first 500 foot home run, we should pause to consider exactly what that means. Just how far is 500 feet, and how difficult is it to hit a ball that far? For a perspective on the first part of that question, we could […]

LEFTY GROVE, Baseball Immortal

When baseball historians think about a flame-throwing, fiercely competitive pitcher, they do not picture anyone from the modern era. In their mind’s eye, they see Robert Moses “Lefty” Grove. Although largely forgotten by contemporary fans, for those who know best, Lefty is the embodiment of the one pitcher whom nobody wanted to face. “Groves” (as […]

BILL DICKEY: Pride of Arkansas

Anyone who is proud to call themselves an Arkansan should know the story of Bill Dickey. Born in Louisiana in 1907, he moved to Kensett, Arkansas as a child, and remained a citizen of the Natural State for the rest of his life. William Malcolm Dickey was raised as one of seven children. His dad […]

The Great Catchers of Hot Springs

More than half of the catchers in Cooperstown spent some time in the Spa City! Read their stories and learn more about the rich history between Hot Springs and the legends of the diamond at the Hot Springs Catcher’s Hall of Fame at https://hotspringscatchershalloffame.jimdo.com/.